Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Fun

my best buddy kellie came from florida to visit family and friends and i was so happy to see her! i miss the fact that we used to get to see each other and do things all the time when she lived 1/2 mile up the street! even though i only got to see craig and emily for the day, i am so glad they came to play with ben. here they are in the pool...craig, emily, ben, and the neighbor boy alex. kellie and i did manage to sneak away for a day of eating, laughing and scrapbooking though...great fun! thanks for being such a great friend kellie!

and on a down note, went to the garden to weed and check on things today...those darned deer ate EVERYTHING! the only things left are tomatoes, peppers, squash. and some eggplants. what a pain! should i re-plant or call it a day? that's my dilemma for the day.