Thursday, December 17, 2009

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Haven't been posting lately even though it has been a constant annoyance on my "list". Today, I decided to actually follow the list and not pick and choose what I felt like getting done. Baby steps...LOL!

Life at the Eyster home has been nothing less than crazy the past couple of months. Holidays tend to do that to families with more kids than...heck any family! October and November went great. Ben's Uncle Sam costume was a big hit for Halloween. He won 1st place at the local contest in the preschool category. Kendal offically started driving on her own...WATCH OUT! She seems to be doing pretty good with following the guidelines so far, let's hope my straight A student (who received the superintendant's award as well!!) keeps her head on straight behind the wheel! She also had her golf banquet and received a Versity letter. Mom is ever so proud of her babies! Travis is still riding that dirt bike even though it is 30 degrees most days. I'll never understand the boys and their toys philosophy.

December is fairing pretty well. Got all the requistite Christmas stuff down (as shown above in the Christmas photo and cards). Ready to just enjoy seeing Santa come to Main Street. Bought myself a Cricut Expressions (little bug upgrade) so maybe after things settle down, I can get back to what I love...Scrapbooking! Already planning on starting the New Year with some resolutions and taking time to get some scrapping done is one of them! Hey Santa-can I have an extra hour or two in the day?

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